1. Amethyst - The Mystical Gemstone

    Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that has been prized for its beauty and supposed mystical properties for centuries. It is believed to have originated in ancient Greece, where it was associated with the wine god Dionysus and believed to ward off drunkenness. The name "amethyst" comes from the Greek word "amethystos," which means "not intoxicated."

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  2. Gemstones & Their Healing Powers

    There are many different gemstones that are believed to have healing powers. Some of the most commonly cited gemstones and their supposed benefits include:

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  3. Gemstones & Jewelry In India

    A gem stone is a mineral, a rock or a petrified material that is cut or faceted and polished before it can be used in jewelry. Some of the most beautiful jewelry is made using semi-precious gem stones.

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