Jewellery Making Supplies

  1. Kundan Stones: A Timeless Treasure for Exquisite Artificial Jewelry

    Kundan stones have been adorning jewelry for centuries, adding a touch of royalty and elegance to traditional and contemporary designs. In this blog, we delve into the source, history, types, and purpose of Kundan stones in the art of artificial jewelry making

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  2. Unveiling the Spiritual Significance and Aesthetic Beauty of Temple Pendants: A Journey into the World of Hindu Jewelry Making

    Temple pendants are a popular form of spiritual jewelry that have been an integral part of Hindu culture for centuries. These pendants are usually made of gold and feature intricate designs inspired by temple architecture and Hindu mythology. They are worn around the neck on a chain or cord and are believed to offer spiritual protection, blessings, and good fortune to the wearer.

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  3. Jewellery making materials in Chennai

    Jewelry making is a creative and fulfilling hobby that many people enjoy. Whether you are a professional designer or a beginner, having access to high-quality materials is essential for creating beautiful and unique pieces. In Chennai, at navrabeads is one stop shop for all your jewellery making supplies. With plenty of parking, calm and quite place to sit and choose the materials you need, well located in the main road at Perumbakkam. 

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