Best place to buy beads online

Best place to buy beads online :

To create a new piece of jewelry or to repair the old ones, you need to buy beads. Beading is interesting but it gets better when you have the right kind of beads.


Printed Glass Beads, 8mm, Round, Assorted, Pack Of 20 ColorsBeads are an important part of jewellery making. Shopping for beads online is the best way to get all your beads in one place. There are 1000s of varieties, color, shapes, quality and how do you choose one?

As beginner start something like :

  • Reputation of the shop (check public review and comments)
  • Number of varieties and options of beads available (small players donot have many options)
  • After sale service, return policy and pricing (wholesalers offer much cheaper price)

Next steps is to

  • Start with simple beads and buy as single string
  • Assess the quality and quantity. Some of them offer cheaper price, but with different quality or lesser string size
  • Ask customer care about make of bead and if precious, ask for certificate

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